Make it Legal Florida

Make It Legal Florida 

A civic organization called “Make It Legal Florida” is working to the legalization of the sale of recreational marijuana in Florida for the 2020 presidential elections. The passage of this bill allows individuals above the age of twenty-one to possess 2.5 ounces of weed. Moreover, dispensaries selling medical marijuana will be allowed to sell marijuana to people for non-medical purposes. The law prohibits the home growing of cannabis. The bill doesn’t put light on whether there will be licensing of shops to sell marijuana or not. Cannabis Companies such as Parallel (Surterra Wellness) and MedMen supports the bill and the organization. While another group, Regulate Florida, says that they are low-funded and does not have many signatures of petitioners.  

The civic organization, Make It Legal Florida, needs to collect more than 76k signatures by February of this year. The bill will be requiring a 60 percent agreement in the ballot for its implementation. 

Legalization of Marijuana  

With 2019, pot possession becomes legal in Bal Harbour and the rest of the places in Florida. Hemp crop becomes the cash crop for farmers providing benefit. During August, the state attorney announces no prosecution of minors possessing marijuana. While in October, pot licenses in the state were obtained. 

Low Crime Solving Rate 

Reports by the Florida Department of Law enforcement, the country shows the lowest crime-solving rate. During the first half of the year, only fifty percent of the reported cases were solved. Police Departments of Bal Harbour, Miami Dade – Public Schools, and Golden Beach failed to provide a report on cases solved. From 2018, Bal Harbour saw an increase in the number of violence-related crimes. These crimes include assaults, rapes, and robberies. Police have been arresting minors for pot possession even after marijuana legalization.  

Lawsuit for more time 

Civic organization in Florida is asking for more time to get more signatures on the petition for recreational marijuana. The issue filed in Leon County Circuit Court states that the law which passed in 2019 is unfair. The organization even alleged that the new website has glitches which interfered with signatures of petitioners. The bill passed in Spring and started to implement in July. It states that signatures are to be verified within 30 days of receiving them. The deadline is for the first of February, meaning that signatures collected on the thirtieth of January will not be counted.  

Bal Harbour in Florida is going through a lot of newsworthy happenings. The initiation of Make It Legal Florida, Legalization of Marijuana, Crime rates being slow, losing companies, and lawsuits. People fighting over cannabis legalization justifies it by saying that everyone is allowed to smoke and live their lives fully. Due to its abuse, psychoactive have always been in a bad light, but people fail to realize their benefits. 

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