Movement of Hemp Companies due to Regulations

Florida is blessed with vast stretches of lands for farming and provides all year sunshine. The type of conditions ideal for the cultivation of crops, Hemp mainly. After the legalization of hemp cultivation by the federal bill, hemp cultivation is allowed. Only the variant that has less than 0.3 percent of the psychoactive THC is approved for breeding. A Floridian individual, Coco, decides to move headquarters of his company to Florida for expansion. But the legal processes stand as a hurdle as the permit to cultivate is valid to only the University of Florida while others are delayed until 2020. Coco decides to move to Pennsylvania as it already has a program that enables companies to cultivate Hemp. Critics say that the law is inhibiting economic growth as well as is driving out the companies as well. The companies look for well regulated and quickly approached laws that allow their company to expand. Hemp is shooting up in the popularity game as it has many applications in daily lives. From being used in wellness products to hempcrete in construction work, Hemp is cultivating daily.  

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